Mezze | A Traditional Middle Eastern Dinning Experience
Layla Restaurant, Mediterranean grill and mezze, Utah


At Layla, you’ll be introduced to a traditional dining experience with Mezze, one of the most characteristic elements of Middle Eastern cuisine. It is the enjoyment of an unlimited array of small hot and cold appetizers. Mezze style inspires conversation and laughter at the table.

Mezze are the small plates of the Eastern Mediterranean, known regionally as meze, maza or mezethes. Starting with authentic ingredients and traditional techniques, Layla’s family recipes create original plates, each is meant to be shared. Often thought of as party food, the small plates style of dining encourages socializing—a drink, a little conversation, and a few mezze shared by friends and family. The experience allows everyone to sample a wide variety of excellent dips/spreads, vegetable, meat, poultry and seafood mezze,. Plus, traditional coffees and teas complete the experience.
Also, if you are a vegetarian or vegan or are following a healthy "Mediterranean Diet," you'll be pleased to find that Layla offers a wide selection of delectable starters and entrees, all carefully prepared to order, using the freshest vegetables, spices, beans and ingredients. Our Lebanese cuisine includes many delicious vegan and vegetarian dishes, and our focus on the freshest ingredients, and grilling and baking rather than frying, make dining with Layla not only delicious, but healthy!

Layla Restaurant, Mediterranean grill and mezze, Utah

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